December 2, 2020

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December 2017

Q&A: Author Logan Shannon

Five questions with Logan Shannon, author of The Logan Letters: Every Experience Has Endless Impact!Marc Emral Logan Shannon grew up, and still lives, in Clermont County. When he was between 5 and 6 years old, his family learned he had Duchene muscular dystrophy, the most common and severe form of the disease. Shannon was in [...]

December 2017

A Lifetime of Seeking Justice

Joe Deters reflects on his more than 30-year career while looking to the future. Peter Bronson Anyone looking for evidence of criminal activity in the Hamilton County prosecutor’s office will be disappointed. There are no “Death Penalty in Brutal Slaying” headlines on the walls. No framed perp-walk photos of killers in handcuffs. No bloodstained hammer [...]

December 2017

Best Schools: Notre Dame Academy

Notre Dame Academy is raising funds to get its school ready for the education of the future. Corinne Minard According to Jane Kleier, director of marketing and communications for Notre Dame Academy, the Sisters of Notre Dame has never been about keeping up with the times—it’s about staying ahead. “They have always been pushing the school [...]

December 2017

Best Schools: Royalmont Academy

Royalmont Academy students have found success in academics and athletics.Corinne Minard Students at Royalmont Academy have had a winning year. According to Karen Kinross, director of admissions, this can be attributed to the Catholic school’s four pillars: intellectual, spiritual, human and apostolic. “They’re not just learning academically, they’re not just athletic, they’re all of these [...]

December 2017

Building Stronger Communities

The YMCA of Greater Cincinnati is a whole lot more than just a gym and swim.Eric Spangler Want to see something super cute? Check out the 3-year-olds participating in yoga class at a local YMCA, says Jorge Perez, CEO of YMCA of Greater Cincinnati. Wait, little kids doing yoga? Isn’t the YMCA just a “gym [...]

December 2017

Dining: Two Cities Pizza

Two Cities Pizza offers the dining experience of two iconic American cities in the heart of Mason.Will Jones When the cities of Chicago and New York come to mind, food is typically one of the topics of discussion—in particular, the pizza and which city has perfected this traditional cuisine. While there will always be the [...]

December 2017

Keeping the Promise

One year after the levy was approved, Preschool Promise is working rapidly to expand access to quality preschool.Mike Boyer About three-dozen 3- and 4-year-olds gather each day at the Little Lambs Child Care preschool in the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Clifton. Little Lambs has been in operation for 18 years, but Administrator Cheri Phipps [...]

December 2017

The Women Who Flew

Women like Nadine Nagle took up flying during World War II so men could fight.Peter Bronson In a grainy old snapshot, Nadine Nagle wears a ball cap and a flight suit, with a parachute slung over one shoulder, a flight plan strapped to her leg and a booster-seat cushion in her hand, ready to climb [...]

December 2017

Fueling a County’s Growth

At the Warren County Career Center, Rick Smith is helping students and area businesses pursue new opportunities.Greg Sharpless Growth, a wise business professional once said, is never simply an accident—rather, it’s the result of forces working together. That’s certainly the case in Warren County, which has become one of the fastest-growing counties in Ohio. While [...]