Q&A: Author Logan Shannon

 Q&A: Author Logan Shannon

Five questions with Logan Shannon, author of The Logan Letters: Every Experience Has Endless Impact!Marc Emral Logan Shannon grew up, and still lives, in Clermont County. When he was between 5 and 6 years old, his family learned he had Duchene muscular dystrophy, the most common and severe form of the disease. Shannon was in a wheelchair at 11. He is now 22.

“I have a close-knit family [parents Michael and Tyra and siblings Sydney, Devon and Corey] and have always grown up in a family of faith. We’ve always really relied on a relationship with God to be what holds us up through the midst of the trials that I have faced with Duchene.”

His book, The Logan Letters: Every Experience has Endless Impact! published by Xulon Press and co-written by Lee H. Kresser, was published in June.

How has the disease affected you?

To me, it has given me great wisdom that most aren’t able to experience because what I find, that people who suffer the most are able to draw the most from their experience and look at the world through a new lens, which is why I want to be able to get my message out there and impact as many people as possible.

Interesting enough, something that is important in my eyes, that same year I was diagnosed was the same year that I personally began a relationship with Jesus Christ.

How is the book set up?

Throughout the book there are letters to different groups of people, like family, friends, doctors, strangers and fellow followers of Christ. Then I have letters from each of those groups … about what my life has meant to them and how I have impacted them. There’s an entire chapter where I write letters to each member of my family and each member of my family writes letters back to me.

We [Logan and co-writer Kresser] came up with this idea [of the letters]. It’s actually written in a style that is Lee’s perspective looking into my life as … an outsider.

What reaction were you expecting from the book?

[The reception to the book] has been amazing. It’s blown me away already, the amount of support just from people who have known me throughout the community over the years. Prayerfully, I was expecting to do well, but was keeping those expectations tempered so I wouldn’t be disappointed. But my prayers have been answered tenfold already in my eyes. I’m excited to see what comes of it.

How are you helping others who are disabled?

I have a lot of different things that have kind of been running around in my mind, ideas of what I would do, but beginning with speaking at churches, schools. Then I also have these ideas to start different specific ministries to empowering people who are disabled to accomplish great things. I have filed a new LLC called Logan Shannon Ministries, so the ball is rolling with that, the doors are beginning to open. It’s exciting.

How would you sum up your life?

Blessed, which I mean most people would be surprised to hear that because I have had a great share of hardship.

The book is available via Amazon.com.