Problem Solvers

 Problem Solvers

Martin & Associates Realtors specializes in new construction and high-end propertiesEric Spangler A good real estate agent is good at solving problems, says Debi Martin, lead agent with Martin & Associates Realtors at Keller Williams Advisors Realty.

“We are really in the business of solving problems,” says Martin. “I always tell everyone that if putting a sign in someone’s yard was all this job was, first of all it would be boring to me I wouldn’t have any interest in doing it … and some days we have really great challenges and that’s how we become really great problem solvers.”

Martin says she and her team devote the time that’s necessary to solve those problems for her clients. “If it’s not a quick process that’s OK with me,” she says. “I take that time. That’s absolutely fine.”

In fact, Martin says the process of selling a home should start a lot sooner than many people believe. She says sellers should contact her a year or two before they actually put their house on the market.

Martin says if they contact her that early she’ll come by and talk to the sellers about what changes or repairs could be made immediately that will pay off when the house is listed and sold.

That way the people selling the home can enjoy those changes and repairs until they sell the home. “And I promise you that you will get every dollar plus back from doing those things in terms of both what the … buyers will pay you,” says Martin.

The real estate agents at Martin & Associates Realtors truly enjoy helping and servicing their clients, she says. “Essentially we’re Realtors who love what we do,” says Martin.

Martin & Associates Realtors specializes in new construction and high-end property, she says. The average sale price is about $600,000, or twice what the average agent is in the city, says Martin, who sells homes in both Ohio and Kentucky.

Martin, who was born and raised in the Greater Cincinnati area, especially loves to share all the wonderful things to do in the city with clients who are moving to the area from out of town.

“I’m a native and I really appreciate the quality of life we have,” she says. From the arts to sports to education the city offers plenty for the new resident, Martin says. “And I think they’re surprised sometimes. They’re like, ‘Wow, this is very nice.’”

The only negative thing about living in the Greater Cincinnati region is the weather, she says. “It would be nice if we could consistently get the good weather,” she says.

Martin, who used to own a coffeehouse in Covington, Kentucky, in the 1990s, enjoys making sure her customers are satisfied. It may be a family trait as Martin’s mother and son are also in the real estate business. “We have 45 years experience as a generational team,” Martin says proudly.