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Experts say it’s easy to enjoy time outside with new patio furniture optionsLaura Leavitt As Cincinnati approaches spring, thoughts turn to relaxation and recreation outdoors. Local pool and patio furniture purveyors are seeing people start to eye the new patio furniture with excitement.

With more options for condominium and apartment living around Cincinnati, a new height of patio furniture is becoming popular, meeting demand for comfortable seating on balconies.

“Balcony height is between dining table chairs and bar stools,” says Doug Bosse, general manager of SunSpot Pool and Patio. “A lot of people like that since they like that they aren’t sitting so low, but you don’t have to step up; these chairs are easy to get into and out of. You can see over a balcony railing this way.”

Even when strapped for space, Cincinnatians will be able to enjoy whatever outdoor spaces they have available.

“People want more and more out of their patio furniture,” says Watson’s Vice President of Purchasing Ken Tedrick, who oversees one of the largest outdoor furniture selections in the nation. “Some shoppers don’t have space for both a dining set and a sofa group, but a chat set could be the perfect solution to get the best of both worlds.”

Chat sets provide the comfort of soft deep seating in an arrangement that works for dining as well.

Until every remnant of chilly air leaves the area, there are still cozy options for getting outside.

“We see more and more people who set up a fire pit and then surround it with deep seating chairs and a sofa. So you can eat or drink in comfort and then just sink back into the cushions and relax in the warmth,” Tedrick says.

If you are looking for a comfortable set of pool deck furniture but don’t want to pull the cushions in before every April shower, consider Sunbrella fabric upholstery, say experts.

“When you aren’t on an enclosed porch but want cushions, you can choose this rain fabric; it’s a solution-dyed acrylic,” explains Bosse. “They seal it on the underside, so the outside is soft. It can rain, and half an hour later, you can sit on your completely dry furniture. You also don’t have to worry about the cushion prematurely aging with mildew.”

As people look to reduce single-use plastics in their lives, a polymer made of recycled milk jugs has become a popular material for durable, beautiful porch furniture. It doesn’t fade in the sun or degrade like some other furniture materials over time, and the stainless steel hardware stays gleaming for years.

“The polymer furniture used to be just a few bright colors, but now they have a color that looks like teak,” says Bosse. “Now they are making a weathered wood look, which can be in shades of gray or brown. It looks real, but its polymer so it will last forever.”