December 1, 2020

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April 2019

Hollywood Loves Cincy

The Queen City has made its mark on production companies and directors looking for a place to film Peter Bronson When Charlton Heston parted the Red Sea in The Ten Commandments in 1956, movie posters promised “A Cast of Thousands.” Now movies are made with “A Cast of Dozens,” backed up by a flock of [...]

April 2019

Not a Regular Ache

The cause of pain or numbness in your legs may not just be symptom of getting older; there could be a problem in your spineDeborah Rutledge That shooting pain down the leg and limited walking tolerance might not be simple aches and pains; it may signal a shift in the vertebrae, a condition called spondylolisthesis. [...]

April 2019

Spring in the Mountains

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, celebrates the end of winter with a series of special eventsCorinne Minard While Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is full of events all year long it’s particularly event-filled during the spring. “We’re known for the wildflowers that bloom in April and then also the mountains that turn that spring green,” says Marci Claude, public relations manager [...]

April 2019

Worth the Trip

Colonial Cottage in Erlanger, Kentucky, specializes in food that tastes like homeJuli Hale Nestled among the fast food restaurants and retail stores, Colonial Cottage in Erlanger, Kentucky, offers a respite for those wanting to slow down and eat a home-cooked meal they don’t have to cook themselves. Its oil lamp-style lighting fixtures and folksy décor [...]

April 2019

A Leap of Faith

Bethany Theological Seminary now offers six master’s-level certificatesEric Spangler For anyone wanting to see how their faith matters in real life Bethany Theological Seminary now has six master’s-level certificates that are a great way to start, says Steve Schweitzer, academic dean and professor. The six certificates include Biblical Peacemaking, Intercultural Biblical Interpretation, Just Peace and [...]

April 2019

An Innovative Future

Regional experts weighed in on how to make Cincinnati more innovative during the 2019 Power 100 Breakfast ForumCorinne Minard The panelists of this year’s Power 100 Leadership Forum all agree that innovation and leadership are key to making Cincinnati a destination for top talent. However, the city still has a way to go before it [...]

April 2019

Back to Outdoor Living

Experts say it’s easy to enjoy time outside with new patio furniture optionsLaura Leavitt As Cincinnati approaches spring, thoughts turn to relaxation and recreation outdoors. Local pool and patio furniture purveyors are seeing people start to eye the new patio furniture with excitement. With more options for condominium and apartment living around Cincinnati, a new [...]

April 2019

Building Support

DePaul Cristo Rey High School stays focused on its students, both before and after graduationChristian Meininger DePaul Cristo Rey High School, a Catholic high school that serves families who want a private, college-preparatory education for their children but may not be able to afford it without financial assistance, is expanding less than eight years after [...]

April 2019

Driving Success

Southern State Community College steers students into great-paying jobsJanice Hisle All aboard! This big rig—a 35,000-pound, 18-wheeler with a 53-foot-long trailer—provides real-life driving experience on a closed course for aspiring truck drivers. After a four-week training program that cost about $5,000 to complete, a smart, hard-working young lady left a minimum-wage job—and landed one that [...]