A Team Effort

 A Team Effort

Beacon Orthopaedics’ doctors work together to assist patientsCorinne Minard When patients come to Beacon Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, they’re sometimes surprised to find that they can get everything they need done in terms of orthopedics and sports medicine in one place.

“I think some of the misconceptions are, ‘Oh, I’ll come to you to get worked up and then I’m going to go to the neurosurgeon to get my surgery done,’ even though we do the exact same type of procedures that they do,” says Dr. Jaideep Chunduri, an orthopedic spine surgeon at Beacon.

And because Beacon is an independent, multi-specialty orthopedic group, doctors are able to make quick decisions about patient care that can actually reduce a patient’s number of doctors’ visits. “The ideal example would be a patient that I may see in the morning getting their MRI and then being able to see them back in the afternoon and having a diagnosis as to what’s going on by the end of the day,” says Chunduri.

Chunduri and Beacon’s other spine specialists work together to make sure patients continue to receive this level of care. The group consists of three spine surgeons, two non-operative spine physicians, a pain management specialist and physical therapy specialists.

When a patient comes in with spinal problems, such as back or neck pain or pain shooting down their arms or legs, they’ll receive an evaluation to decide on the best course of action, from physical therapy to injections to surgery. Chunduri says that when he’s unsure of a diagnosis, he’ll often pull in a non-operative physician for the non-surgical steps. If those treatments fail, the patient will move onto surgery, which can often be done as an outpatient procedure at Beacon’s facility.

Patients from age 12 to their mid-80s come to Beacon, but the cause is often the same: overuse. Children playing the same sport all year long or adults pushing themselves too hard can lead to spinal issues. In fact, Chunduri says Cross Fit has been the cause of several patients’ problems. “Your body is not naturally supposed to do some of things that people are doing,” he says.

Because injuries can happen at any time, Beacon has a 24/7 appointment line and orthopedic urgent cares in Sharonville and Erlanger. “Rather than paying the cost of going to the emergency room where they’re not necessarily getting a full workup or what the next steps might be, they’re seeing one of the physicians or physician’s assistants in that urgent care who can at least get the process of whatever’s going on started,” he says.

Ultimately, these new options increase Beacon’s ability to treat all orthopedic problems, from the spine to a sports injury. Chunduri says it’s not uncommon for a doctor in another division to see what they think may be a spine issue and then ask one of the spine specialists for assistance. The vice versa happens as well.

“There’s a lot of collaboration among the doctors to try to help patients, especially if there’s a question as to what the diagnosis might be. I think that’s one of the advantages to having the spine people work with our sports medicine people rather than being independent or in a separate group,” he says.