Producing Support

 Producing Support

April 24, 2020 – Standard Textile Co. shifts production to create more protective equipment for health care workersDavid Holthaus Standard Textile Co., which makes bedsheets and towels for hotels and hospitals, has converted its manufacturing operations so it can support America’s frontline medical workers during the current pandemic.

For weeks, the Reading, Ohio-based company has increased production of personal protective equipment such as gowns, face masks and face shields, to provide hospitals and health care workers with additional protection against COVID-19.

The family-owned company, nearly 80 years old, had converted its manufacturing operations, restructured its supply chain and prioritized the distribution of medical garments at its manufacturing and distribution facilities in the U.S.

The company has pivoted and revamped its Brownsville, Texas, facility to make face masks. In another facility, employees were reassigned to make face shields.

And a collaboration between the company’s research and development laboratory and its operations in Thomaston, Georgia, and Union, South Carolina, resulted in developing an American version of a liquid resistant, breathable and reusable cover gown for health care workers

“In three short weeks, we orchestrated fabric development, material sourcing, garment fabrication, wash durability testing and other product testing to deliver an essential reusable gown for our medical communities,” says Dr. Richard Hobert, director of development for Standard Textile.

President and CEO Gary Heiman says he’s committed to manufacturing as much reusable protective equipment and other health care products as possible—as quickly as possible—to alleviate the stress on the health care industry.

“My concern is we are missing urgent collaboration opportunities with federal or state governments to allow us to serve health care workers who are at the frontline of this crisis,” Heiman says.