Editor’s View: Travel Time

I often referred to 2017 as my Year of Travel. Almost every month I was making a small trip somewhere. They weren’t long trips—I don’t think I ever took off more than two days in a row—but they were just long enough to explore a new place.

While I was able to spread my trips over a couple days, sometimes you only have one. We didn’t realize until we started working on this issue’s cover feature that there were so many things to do just a short drive from the Tristate. A plethora of museums, parks, restaurants, tours and shopping destinations are within a two-to-three hour drive. Only having one day for a trip doesn’t sound that bad anymore.

If you’re not full of wanderlust, though, this issue still has plenty to offer. Peter Bronson looks into Cincinnati’s law enforcement history with a feature on the city’s toughest cops. David Lyman dives into the world of college theater with his story on NKU and Xavier’s theater programs. And I was able to sit down with the new president of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center.

Whether your escape is a day away, or even just reading a magazine, we hope that this is the issue for you.

Happy travels!

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