Editor’s Letter

Things are trending up in the Tristate.

Corinne Minard

Despite the fact that I a.) am still a renter and b.) live close to downtown, I find our annual Rating the Burbs feature to be a treasure trove of fascinating information. Yes we rank the area’s suburbs, but I enjoy looking through all the data for each community more than I like looking at who came out on top.

Trends in safety, education and crime can tell you a lot about the Tristate as a whole. Take median home prices for example—almost every community in our listings saw median homes prices increase. Writer Bill Ferguson Jr. goes more in-depth on this topic within the feature, but that tells us something positive about the Tristate as a whole.

Overall, this issue looks at a lot of the positives in our region. From new attractions like Newport Aquarium’s Stingray Hideaway and the Star Wars exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center to the 2017 MANNY winners, there is a lot to celebrate. Hopefully this issue gets you excited to go out and enjoy the Tristate.

The world is changing, for better or worse. But our region is trending toward the positive. Let’s keeping working together to make both our city and our suburbs even better in the coming year.

– Corinne Minard, Managing Editor

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