Dining: Belterra Park

Belterra Park’s restaurants use the chef’s influences to make one-of-kind dining experiences. 

By Will Jones

Joshua Miragliotta, the executive chef of Belterra Park Gaming, says what sets him apart from others in the world of the culinary arts are the quality of the ingredients he uses and what he learned from his family. He enjoyed spending time with his grandparents in the kitchen, helping them prepare dishes. This was where his love for food began.

“My grandparents were great cooks. I loved spending time with them in the kitchen learning the recipes and helping wherever they needed. Then I decided to go to work in a restaurant, which is where I really found my passion and then went to culinary school,” he says.

“There are elements of my style that are unique to me, especially when it comes to what I learned from my grandmothers,”adds the New Jersey-born chef. “Certainly no other chef can replicate those amazing ladies.”

After graduating from the Academy of the Culinary Arts near Atlantic City, Miragliotta developed his skills over time as chef de cuisine at various restaurants in Atlantic City and Philadelphia before arriving to the Queen City.

Among his upbringing, time in school and tenure in those restaurants, he was influenced in many ways on how to cook. “I’ve traveled a lot too and have had the opportunity to experience new cuisines and cultures—along with different regions of the U.S. I was lucky enough to start at a young age to experience everything, learn everything and see everything I could,” he says.

When asked if any Cincinnati foods have had an impact on his dishes he says, “Cincinnati is a melting pot for some great cultures—the food scene is on the rise and it makes us better [when we’re] challenged. As a Cincinnati business, we want to reflect our city, which is why we offer Cincinnati-style chili and use local vendors like Queen City Sausage. In some other ways, we love to take certain dishes and put our spin on them from Oktoberfest schnitzel to Derby cocktails.”

Miragliotta wants to make sure guests have the time of their lives at Belterra Park Gaming. He believes if the ultimate gaming experience is complimented with top service and good food readily available, the recipe for success is there.

“We are always trying to improve upon everything we do, even if it is already considered to be the best. We will stop at nothing to make sure that we are doing our part to not only meet but also elevate the standards we have set for ourselves,” he says. He wants guests to reflect back to the food when they leave. He adds, “It should remind them of a special time in their life—a journey of sort.” 

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