November 24, 2020

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February 2017

More than a Name

Denise Driehaus joins the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners with some big plans. By Liz Engel It’s just days after Christmas, and Denise Driehaus is back in a familiar scene. Corner booth, Clifton coffeehouse, political adviser at her side. “I’m always here,” she jokes as a friend sweeps by to say hello. You’ll sure be [...]

February 2017

The Power in Doing Good

Like the Great American Tower, the Lindners' generosity is part of our skyline. Peter Bronson Big dogs in the Big Apple and A-Listers in Hollywood might rent out their souls to Beelzebub for a top-10 slot on their local power rankings. But in Cincinnati… Well, we’ll get back to you. The Queen City is quietly [...]