A Downtown Staple

 A Downtown Staple

Hathaway’s Diner still going strong after 63 yearsWill Jones Open for over 63 years, Hathaway’s Diner has been a staple for those who work in Carew Tower and throughout downtown for decades.

“Hathaway’s is an iconic place, and a historic place,” says Kate Hempleman, marketing manager for Hathaway’s Diner.

Originally started by Lloyd and Vera Hathaway in 1956, the diner has fed many guests and notable celebrities throughout the years including Frank Sinatra, President Dwight Eisenhower and Elvis Presley and even contemporary figures such as Colin Farrell and the band Alice In Chains. Even today, guests may spot professional athletes coming to enjoy a good meal before playing on the field.

Hempleman says it’s simply word-of-mouth advertising, as well as guests falling in love with the space while enjoying their meal experience, that brings people to the restaurant.

Although Hathaway’s is widely known for its ‘50s-themed atmosphere, another beloved aspect is its family focus.

“It’s a huge and complete family affair—from everyone there working behind the counter and in the kitchen to beyond. The energy seeps out to the people as they come in, and customers enjoy that feel. They definitely take that seriously,” Hempleman says.

While the diner is now owned and operated by Danny and Sally Holbrook, they still maintain the family-oriented ambience, as their son works at the restaurant along with his wife. Hempleman further adds whether someone has worked there for years or only a matter of weeks, they are treated like blood relatives.

Regardless of whether guests come in taking a break from work or just wanting to get some great food, Hathaway’s has plenty of options for breakfast and lunch.

“Goetta is honestly a huge thing here and people from all over come for the goetta dishes. We’ve got that in the breakfast wrap. We have a goetta omelet and also the GLT; you can add it to anything here,” she says.

Guests can also enjoy homemade foods such as the restaurant’s milkshakes, various breakfast items and filling deli sandwiches. The restaurant has had some light renovations and updates to the dining area that include flooring, countertops and seating (from the original company that provided the same materials during the restaurant’s inception).

Su-Th 8 a.m.-2 p.m., F-Sa 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m. 441 Vine St., Carew Tower, First Floor, downtown. 513-621-1332.