December 4, 2020

Publisher’s View: We’re With You

I’m with you.

You heard these words that Cincinnati Police Officer Jennifer Chilton repeated to her partner officers as they rushed towards the gunman. This was a challenging moment in Cincinnati, making us all immediately assess the whereabouts of those we love. The families who lost loved ones and those who were hurt deserve our sympathy and support, but nobody should have to suffer through atrocities such as this.

For most of us, there is not much we can do in this situtation. It’s likely you’ve been doing and feeling the same things as me.

I pause. Things like this outweigh our personal to-do’s, and make daily choices mundane.

I am angry. As I write this, something swells within that seeks retribution upon those who take—those who take lives, love, the existence we all seek and deserve.

I am thankful. Thanks to the Cincinnati Police. Thanks to the local journalists who provided us with crucial and timely information. Thanks to a Cincinnati community and its leadership that recognize what we have together.

I pray. That what is learned can be put into action to better outcomes in the future—for the safety of those who serve the common good and us all.