Guide to the Region’s Reopening Attractions

When local attractions open, what the rules are and more
Corinne Minard
As local attractions start to reopen, it can be hard to keep track of what’s happening. When does each place open? What are the rules? And do I have to wear a mask? We’ve gathered that information and more to help you keep up with where you can go and when.

Cincinnati Art Museum

Opens to members June 18, to all June 20

The museum has shifted its hours so it will only be open to the public Thursday through Sunday. Members will have an additional extra hour in the museum on weekends. Tickets to the museum are free, but everyone, including members, must make a timed entry reservation. All visitors and employees will be asked to wear a mask.

Cincinnati Museum Center and the Holocaust & Humanity Center

Open July 17

Visitors will need to reserve timed entry tickets for both the museums and special exhibitions. Some exhibits will be closed while others will be reconfigured by adding interactive elements that can be accessed through guests’ phones. All staff will wear masks and visitors will be encouraged to do the same.

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Currently open to members only, opens to the public June 17

All members and guests will have to make a timed reservation prior to their visit. Zoo staff will wear masks and guests are encouraged to do so, too. There will be markers and regular announcements throughout the zoo to remind guests to follow social distancing and health guidelines.

Coney Island

Open to all

Guests must buy tickets in advance. Members can reserve a spot for free online in advance, but are also allowed entry until the pool hits maximum capacity. Guests are encouraged to wear face masks at all times unless they are in the pool. The park will still be providing chairs for guests to use, but visitors can also bring their own into the park.

Contemporary Arts Center

Opens to members June 24, general public July 1

Tickets will remain free, but visitors will need to reserve a spot in advance. Staff will wear masks and guests will be encouraged to do so, too. Audio tour headsets will still be available and will be sanitized prior to and after each use. All gallery tours will be self-guided.

Kings Island

Opens to season passholders July 2, general public July 12

Each visitor must make a reservation and complete a pre-visit health screening declaration 24 hours before they visit the park. All guests and staff members are required to wear masks and will have to go through a touchless temperature screening before they can enter the park. Social distancing markers will be throughout the park, including ride queue lines.

Newport Aquarium

Opens to passholders June 22, general public June 25

Both ticketed visitors and passholders will need to make a timed entry reservation in advance. All employees and visitors over the age of 3 will be required to wear a mask. All visitors will go through a temperature screening prior to entering the aquarium. Areas of the aquarium that don’t accommodate social distancing will be closed.