From Floor to Wall

 From Floor to Wall

The latest trend in flooring isn’t flooring at allLiz Engel For 50 years, McSwain has been a go-to outfit in the Tristate for flooring and carpet needs. But one of the trendiest products it carries these days isn’t really even flooring at all.

Three-dimensional wood wall panels, made from real wood and laid out in cool geometrical patterns, are proving popular with customers. And it’s nothing like the wood paneling of old.

“If you’re looking to make a statement in your home, on an accent wall or in small area, it’s a real fashion type of thing,” says Dean Wright, vice president, retail/wholesale sales at McSwain Carpets & Floors. “It adds a lot of texture. I don’t even want to call it wood paneling because it’s so modern.”

The company liked it so much it installed it in the lobby of its corporate office in Sharonville during a recent remodel.

Not your style? Don’t worry. McSwain is still committed to its roots; carpet makes up about two-thirds of the business, while luxury vinyl is quickly becoming a key seller. Luxury vinyl can mimic hardwood and porcelain tile—and quite well.

“It’s so realistic, that it’s hard to tell it’s not real,” Wright says. “It’s easy maintenance, easier installation. Most are waterproof. Customers, obviously, they see the advantages of that.”