Starting at the Bottom

 Starting at the Bottom

Local flooring experts weigh in on upcoming flooring trendsAmy Thornley Upgrading the flooring in your home can be a big undertaking, but the finished result will be well worth the effort. “You can definitely make a space more ‘wow’ with great flooring,” says interior designer Amy Youngblood, owner of Amy Youngblood Interiors in Over-the-Rhine.

Youngblood is most excited about the wow factor of a relatively new product called Luxury Vinyl Tile, or LVT. This is not your mother’s linoleum. LVT flooring offers the look of more luxurious flooring products, such as hardwood or stone, but with the durability of vinyl and a lower price point. She’s been using LVT to create unique and beautiful flooring patterns, such as the multi-colored inlaid planks in her office in OTR, without the upkeep or price tag of natural materials.

Those with a larger budget and a yen for the unique will want to head over to Mansion Hill in Kentucky. “People come to us to create something special,” says Jeff Rose, co-founder of Mansion Hill Custom Floors in Newport, Kentucky, and Nashville, Tennessee. Rose and his partner, Bill Walz, are at the cutting edge of innovation with their hardwood flooring products and installation. They are the only providers in the Midwest for many of their exclusive products. As such, Mansion Hill has been involved with some of the most captivating hardwood installations around town, including the new Cincinnati Shakespeare Company Theatre and Taft Ale House in Over-the-Rhine, and Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Bar and Restaurant in Nashville.

One of those unique products, called Bolefloor and coming from Europe, features curved plank hardwood, suitable for either flooring or wall installation. As the company points out, life is not a straight line.

Both our designer and our hardwood specialist agree that the growing trend in flooring for 2019 is light-colored floors. “We have been doing a lot of white and grey in Nashville, so I expect we will be seeing more of that in Cincinnati this year,” says Rose. The overall trend in home design is leaning towards Scandinavian contemporary, with lots of clean lines and white and grey color palettes.

Youngblood agrees, adding “I would love to see more light floors out there.”