Rustic Elegance

 Rustic Elegance

Walhill Farm offers a high-end dining and event experience on a working farmWill Jones Located in Indiana’s countryside between Cincinnati and Indianapolis, Walhill Farm isn’t your ordinary acreage.

According to its website, the farm holds “26 acres of hardwood forest, 10 acres of gardens, three large fish ponds and 190 acres of pasture.” Aside from being a sustaining, workable farm guests can take advantage of its event space, state-certified butcher shop, in-house catering service and its award-winning restaurant.

For Walhill Farm Director Pete Hillenbrand, this impressive property is simply home. “It’s great to be at home, keeping the farm in the family,” he says.

Originally started by his uncle, George Carl Hillenbrand, as a horse farm in Greensburg, Indiana, the property was destroyed in a fire in 1958. A few years later the farm was rebuilt in Batesville where it stands today after going through stages of being a variety of other busineses.

What makes Walhill Farm unique is that its vast amount of land offers room for special accommodations for its customers as well as space for additional businesses. When asked how other businesses were incorporated into the Walhill brand, he says “Things just happened organically. I didn’t go out to start an event center or get into a catering business. People started coming to me asking if they could rent the barn, or have their weddings here. They told me what they wanted and I figured I could make a business out of it.”

With four rooms and a lodge, guests find the spaces useful for off-site business meetings and weddings. Hillenbrand says Walhill Farm can offer lower prices on its event spaces since it doesn’t have any large overhead thanks to being located in the country.

As guests would use the event spaces he saw there was a demand for catering, too. He hired chef Chris Stange and butcher Mike Moeller to manage the catering and restaurant sides of the Walhill brand.

“The two [Stange and Moeller] together are just perfect for making our own farm-raised sausages and beef products or whatever we’re growing out of our garden,” he says. Once a month, Walhill Farm offers guests a “special dinner,” which is reservation only. Dishes vary every month but some consistent items include salmon, pork chops and the seafood gumbo.

Hillenbrand says, “We want guests to experience our ‘rustic elegance’ as we’re a working farm that offers elegance through our meals.”

857 Six Pine Ranch Road, Batesville. 812-934-2600,