Providing More Than Rides

 Providing More Than Rides

Executive Transportation expands its service lines to help people of all types in the Cincinnati areaKevin Michell When Tammy Bravo, president of Newport, Kentucky-based Executive Transportation, had both of her in-laws fall ill three years ago, she felt the pressure of having to leave work to take them to and from their many doctor’s appointments. Both she and her husband work at the company full-time and she wondered how others dealt with this who didn’t have the same freedom to leave work as needed as she did.

“As I was sitting around, I thought, ‘If I could just find a way to get them there and meet them at the doctor’s appointment, my life would be so much easier,’” Bravo recalls. “And then it was a light bulb moment.”

This was the genesis for one of her company’s newest service lines, Express Mobile Transportation, which takes mobility-challenged people and seniors to and from check-ups and care visits anywhere around Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. It’s a solution to a growing need as more Baby Boomers enter their 70s.

Executive Transportation bought two vans dedicated to this service in January and will have added a sixth to its fleet of Express Mobile Transportation vehicles before the year’s end. The service is growing through partnerships with assisted living centers and health care providers like St. Elizabeth, TriHealth and The Christ Hospital.

A major aspect of the service, beyond the convenience given to working adults whose parents need regular health care visits, is the peace of mind Express Mobile Transportation provides.

“We take a great deal of care in training the drivers,” says Bravo. “The drivers go through first-aid training, they go through the proper etiquette of picking up and loading the passenger and customer service. A lot of times, the only time this passenger gets out for the month is for this doctor’s appointment.”

It creates a real connection between the driver and the passenger and helps make regular trips to the doctor a more pleasant experience for seniors. Drivers wear a shirt and tie every ride and make conversation with their passengers in order to brighten their day a bit. As Bravo says, they treat every passenger like their own parents.

Meanwhile, Executive Transportation has seen growing demand for its employee shuttle service.

That can entail national or international organizations that have out-of-town employees visiting a Cincinnati office, transporting workers to a new office location or from a more remote parking lot when construction or remodeling is ongoing, and any other need that organizations may have to move people around easily and conveniently.

“That’s another niche that has developed that we’re very proud of,” says Bravo. A lot of clients have found Executive Transportation through word-of-mouth referrals. While that has been encouraging, Bravo wants clients and potential customers to know that Executive Transportation is eminently adaptable to any shuttling or mobility needs through its fleet of vehicles that ranges from sedans to charter buses.

She recalls recently being approached by some of the organizations at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport about an easier way to get job applicants from job fairs in places like downtown to interviews at the airport itself.

Beyond that, she says the company is open to other opportunities to help facilitate transportation around the city and fill in the gaps that other forms of transit can’t fulfill. And there looks to be plenty of possibilities for that in the future as Cincinnati works toward becoming more of a convention destination.

These newer and emerging service lines add to an impressive array of existing offerings, from simple executive ride services to group events like weddings. Executive Transportation also offers small group rentals for brewery and bourbon tours or trips down to Keeneland to name a few examples. Bravo just wants the company to provide any form of transportation service that the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky communities might need.

The company’s service and community-minded philosophy extends to initiatives outside of its business efforts.

This month featured Executive Transportation’s second annual Holiday Hope Charity Drive on Dec. 7.

The event is hosted at Superior Prosthetic Solutions in Newport, with the companies coming together to gather winter clothes, blankets and other useful items for the Henry Hosea House.

Bravo recalls how the inaugural charity drive struck a chord with one of her employees.

“It was really heartwarming—one of my employees approached me last year and she said to me, ‘You know, my mom raised four of us on our own and we never had much of a Christmas. But every year she would look for something like this to take my siblings and I to and it meant a lot to us… What you’re doing here is pretty special.’”

As Executive Transportation has grown to over 200 employees, giving back to the area has become an increasingly more important part of the company’s philosophy. As Bravo puts it, the employees are a big part of the company’s growth and “without them, we have nothing.”

Bravo wants to keep expanding their community efforts through continuing the holiday charity drive and adding new initiatives.

“Hopefully our employees will guide me in that and what we need to do,” she says.