Fulfilling a Need

 Fulfilling a Need

Executive Transportation Services Inc. helps get senior citizens to doctor’s appointments and moreEric Spangler Adult children who are taking care of their aging parents are finding it increasingly difficult to get their parents to doctor’s appointments while juggling a career at the same time, says Tammy Bravo, president/finance manager of Executive Transportation Services Inc.

Bravo would know. She’s experienced it firsthand. Both her in-laws became ill at the same time and each was placed in a different facility, says Bravo. She found herself running each back and forth to doctor’s appointments and her workday “was like zero,” she says.

Then one day she was at her father-in-law’s rehabilitation facility and noticed a wheelchair transportation service going in and out of the facility, taking patients to their doctor’s offices. She even hired them herself.

That’s when it struck her. Bravo realized there was a new business opportunity just waiting for her company. “I was like, ‘Oh, I’m so missing the boat!’”

Executive Transportation Services recently started its Express Mobile Transportation service that focuses on the senior citizen market. “There’s a lot of stress in how I’m going to get mom or dad to the doctor’s appointment or to this event or that event so we’re kind of catering to that,” says Bravo.

Executive Transportation Services Inc.’s Express Mobile Transportation can not only take senior citizens to doctor’s appointments it can also take them to places like the grocery store or family events, she says.

The Express Mobile Transportation service currently has two vehicles that can transport people not only in wheelchairs but it can also carry senior citizens who use canes or walkers, she says.

All of its drivers are extensively trained, including in the use of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, first aid and how to onboard and offboard passengers in wheelchairs, says Bravo.

Right now the Express Mobile Transportation service is providing transportation to several private nursing and assisted living facilities in the Northern Kentucky region, says Bravo. However, anyone is welcome to make a reservation simply by calling 859-655-4600, she says.

The Express Mobile Transportation service started small so that the company was not overwhelmed in the beginning, says Bravo. That small start, however, may not last.

“We were only two weeks in and we were getting phone calls,” she says. “Word of mouth spreads fast.” The company is already considering buying two more vehicles for its Express Mobile Transportation service, says Bravo.

The new service is just one of the many types of transportation needs Executive Transportation Services fulfills. The company has the shuttle contract with the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and is also contracted to transport airline crews.

Most of the company’s work, about 95 percent, involves transporting corporate clients, says Bravo. “We do board of directors meetings and transportation for some of the larger corporations in the city,” she says.

Executive Transportation Services uses luxury sedans, sport utility vehicles, airport executive shuttles, motorcoaches, buses and minicoaches to service the transportation needs of the Tristate, says Bravo.