Editor’s View: How to Live Well

What does it mean to live well? Since we rebranded our health content as Live Well Cincy several years ago, I’ve had to answer this question many times. I’ve always said that it means to be healthy in all aspects of your life, from exercise and diet to your state of mind and even financial situation. There’s no one thing that signifies that you’re living well—instead, there are many ways to get there.

With this year’s Live Well feature, we explored that idea quite literally—where can you go in the Tristate to live well? The answer is almost anywhere. We found healthy initiatives, programs and activities in the northern suburbs, east side, west side, northern Kentucky and central downtown area. From cooking classes to a new health innovation center, something health-related is always happening throughout the region.

But that’s not all we explore in this issue. We also explore the state’s many museums, find books on local history and meet some of the Tristate’s best doctors. The following pages are full of new and exiting ways to explore the Tristate.

A new year means new opportunities to be better in all aspects of your life. Hopefully this magazine encourages you to live well in 2019, whatever that might mean to you. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to providing you even more wellness-focused content in the coming year.