Cycle Your Way Through Summer

 Cycle Your Way Through Summer

The Tristate region has bike trails for everyone to enjoyCorinne Minard A great way to enjoy summer while exploring the Tristate is to take a bike ride. The region has many paths and trails, making it easy to find the trail that fits your distance and skill level.

Great Miami River Trail

The Great Miami Trail is comprised of more than 75 miles of trails that hug the Great Miami River. The paved, multi-use trail takes cyclists through both urban and natural environments. While it connects Franklin to Piqua, the trail also has segments in Middletown and Hamilton.

Little Miami Scenic Trail

The 78-mile Little Miami Scenic Trail, which includes the Loveland Bike Trail, starts in Newtown and ends in Springfield, with plenty of stops along the way. The paved, multi-use trail passes by two state parks—John Bryan and Caesar Creek—and goes through cities and towns likes Loveland, Xenia and Yellow Springs.

State Park Trails

For those who would prefer to go off road, Ohio’s state parks are home to plenty of mountain biking trails. Caesar Creek has 13 miles of mountain biking trails and while the main loop is easy, its three other loops are for more experienced riders. ’s 10-mile route winds around ridges, providing riders with scenic views. And Hueston Woods has 22 miles of mountain biking trails, with some trails older and steeper and other newer and with more gradual elevation changes.

Local Trails

County and other local parks also offer mountain biking trails, including Devou Park, England Idlewild Park and Dog Park, Harbin Park, Landen Deerfield, Milford Trails, Mitchell Memorial Forest and Mount Airy Forest.