Celebrating the East Side

 Celebrating the East Side

The Tusculum Street Fest invites the Tristate to explore Columbia Tusculum

Madison Rodgers

The Tusculum Street Fest looks to beautify the neighborhoods of the 3 East Business Association: Columbia Tusculum, Linwood and East End. Columbia Tusculum is known for its historic district and is Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood, making it an ideal location for a street festival. Held June 16 this year from 2-10 p.m., the event promises to be a good time of music, food and more. We spoke with Tusculum Street Fest Marketing Coordinator Jessica Siegert to find out more about the event as it heads into its third year.

What is your involvement in the Tusculum Street Fest?
I’m the marketing coordinator, so I handle all the social media. I also handle the food vendors and help get the marketing materials set up. This is our third year, so we’re relatively new.

What takes place at the Tusculum Street Fest?
It’s a way to celebrate Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood. As our neighborhood is growing and developing, we want to assist in the beautification program that we have, which keeps our neighborhoods nice and clean. We also support the Riverview East Academy.

Is there anything that you’re doing differently with the Tusculum Street Fest this year?
We’re trying to make things more interactive this year. In the past we’ve had 10 food vendors and 10 non-food vendors, so people could come and try a bunch of different food and shop around, and we decided this year that we wanted some more engagement with people. We’re working with the Cincinnati Neighborhood Games and they’re going to have games set up that people can participate in. We really want to stress that it’s a family-friendly event. We have activities for all ages.

Why should people attend the Tusculum Street Fest?
It’s a great way to celebrate Cincinnati’s oldest neighborhood and, of course, benefit the beautification of our neighborhoods and Riverview East Academy. It’s a nice way to draw the community in and highlight all the great things we have going on in Columbia Tusculum. We offer something for everyone. It’s a great way to meet new people and connect with your neighbors and just build a sense of community.