A Sweet Escape

Meier’s Wine Cellars is a sweet, historic place to relax and sip wine.

By Cassie Lipp

Meier’s Wine Cellars can be described in one word, just like its award-winning wines: sweet. The tasting room offers a cozy, friendly environment for visitors to sip on 45 varieties of table, dessert, sparking or fruit wines and premium sparkling juices.

“We like to call ourselves Silverton’s living room,” says Retail Store Manager Stephanie Moore. “If you want to get away from the bar scene this is the place to go and sit on the couch by the fire, have a glass of wine and relax.”

New renovations to the outdoor patio, which are expected to be complete this spring, will make Meier’s the perfect place to have a picnic. Try Meier’s Pink Catawba for the occasion—a light-bodied, super-sweet pink wine. While the winery doesn’t serve food, visitors are encouraged to bring their own food or get food delivered from nearby restaurants.

Meier’s Wine Cellars has private event space to host bridal showers, corporate events, birthday parties, fundraisers and more. The winery is also open for public events such as the Taste of Silverton in June, Valentine’s Day wine tasting and a popular Halloween costume party.

History buffs will enjoy visiting the wine cellars to brush up on local history and learn how Meier’s shaped the area. The company began in 1890 as a small grape-juice business, with John Michael Meier growing grapes where Kenwood Towne Center is now located. The Meier family purchased land in Silverton around the turn of the century, where the wine cellar is located today. “We are the oldest winery that is right in your backyard,” Moore says.

The business was owned by the Meier family until 1974 when it was bought by Cleveland’s Paramount Distilleries. In 2011 it was purchased by the current owner Luxco, a family-owned company based in St. Louis. Meier’s wine is made from grapes grown by independent growers across Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.

Aside from being Ohio’s oldest and largest winery, Meier’s is also unique for its large repertoire of fruit wines, including an award-winning blackberry wine. The rich wine uses 100 percent natural blackberry extract for a sweet, full-bodied flavor. Other Meier’s fruit wines include a raspberry wine, black cherry wine and sangria. While fruit wines are a growing trend, Moore says Meier’s Wine Cellars is the only place in Cincinnati that offers such a large selection of fruit wines.

The winery is also famous for Meier’s #44 Cream Sherry, which is served each year at the White House Governor’s Ball. With its smooth flavor and hints of bourbon, it’s no wonder that this dessert wine is rumored to have been a drink John F. Kennedy frequently ordered to the White House.

Perhaps the sweetest part about Meier’s Wine Cellars is the cost—most wines sell for under $10 per bottle. Meier’s wines and sparkling juices are sold in the on-site retail store, Kroger, Meijer and The Party Source.