A Holistic Approach

 A Holistic Approach

Forest Park Chiropractic and Acupuncture combines multiple types of treatments and servicesScott Unger By combining chiropractic and acupunctural therapies with a wealth of other services, Dr. Reed Moeller and his team treat patients with a holistic approach to wellness.

Forest Park Chiropractic and Acupuncture also offers physiotherapy, pulsed electromagnetic field adjustment, essential oils treatment, stress management and wellness and nutritional planning to help patients recover from myriad traumas.

Although most patients come for back, neck and joint pain, the office also treats many autoimmune diseases, depression, headaches and allergies.

The office at 1250 W. Kemper Road includes three chiropractic adjustment tables, a decompression chair and table, aqua beds, X-ray services, custom orthopedics and Braintap meditation machines.

Started as a chiropractic office in 1989, Moeller added acupuncture in 2009 because he says the services work well together as they both affect the body’s energy and life force.

The stimulation of the spinal cord helps to reboot and rebalance the brain while acupuncture balances energy in the body.

Along with the primary treatments, PEMF relieves inflammation and stimulates cellular restoration, soft tissue therapy can help recovery from whiplash and stop muscle spasms and essential oils can heal skin conditions and improve digestion, among other benefits.

Often patients have become frustrated with traditional medical treatment for chronic pain and joint issues and turn to Moeller’s team to provide a solution to the problem.

“We’re their last resort. They’ve been everywhere, they’re tired of taking pain medicine, they’re tired of taking drugs that are not working,” Moeller says. “So then we go to work on them and get results and get them off all their medicines and back to healthy living.”

With a background in pharmacy, Moeller appreciates traditional painkillers and medication but says they often only provide a temporary solution and his rehabilitation treatment, along with healthy lifestyle changes, can often provide a permanent solution.

“Medication is good for symptom care…but if you want to fix the problem and get to the root causes, this is what you need,” Moeller says of his practice. “There’s a reason for that pain and if you don’t correct it properly, it’s just going to continue.”

Most patients come to the office between 12 and 25 times while implementing changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle to cure what ails them.

“Every time we do a treatment we stimulate healing in your body but you’ve got to make those lifestyle changes,” he says.