4 Questions with Karen Burwinkel

 4 Questions with Karen Burwinkel

Market Manager of Burwinkel FarmsMadison Rodgers Burwinkel Farms has brought food to tables and memories to families for 100 years. From fresh produce to family activities, they have much to offer to the Cincinnati community, particularly during the fall. Karen Burwinkel is the market manager of Burwinkel Farms and sheds a little light on what’s to come this season.

Can you tell us a little more about the farm and how it was started?

It was started by my grandpa in 1918. I don’t know what made my grandpa want to start a farm, but all of his kids were involved until the 1970s. Eventually my dad took it over.

2018 marks 100 years for Burwinkel Farms. What do you think lead to your success?

Our passion. The whole family comes home for a month in the summer to help. It’s all instilled in us and we have a very strong work ethic and we’re very proud of what we do. I think that is also ingrained in our products as well. We really care about the quality of our products that we put out. I think that makes the quality of the product that the customers are receiving that much better. We’ve gotten loyal customers over the years that tell their friends and come back. We wouldn’t be able to do any of it without the loyal customers and their support.

What can people expect to find at Burwinkel Farms?

It depends on what they’re stopping for. If they’re stopping for produce they can expect high-quality homegrown produce that you can’t find in the normal big box stores. If they’re coming for the fall stuff, they can expect making lots of memories with their families. We see families come back here year after year.

Can you tell US about some of the activities you have planned for fall?

Every year we have a hayride and pick-your-own pumpkin patch. We have almost 10 acres of sunflowers, pumpkins and corn mazes. Everybody gets to pick a sunflower and a little pumpkin. We have two corn mazes and we have a skid maze. We have a corn pool that the kids get to play in. It’s corn taken off the cob and it’s a big pool of it that the kids get to play in. We have a straw tunnel for the kids to climb through. There are all kinds of fall-related activities. Sept. 29 is our opening date for this year and it will go all through October.