When the Baltimore Examiner hit the streets in April, it became the country's newest daily newspaper. Why does the birth of a Maryland daily concern Cincinnati?

Because the Examiner's owner, Clarity Media Group, has filed to trademark the Examiner name in a number of American cities, including Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus and Cleveland. Granted, Indianapolis and Louisville are also on the ambitious list, so we may not see a Cincinnati Examiner in the market anytime soon"”or ever.

The Baltimore Examiner, on day one of operation, boasted a larger circulation than the venerable Baltimore Sun"”some 250,000 copies. The paper is given away free, and delivered only to neighborhoods where median household income is $73,000 and up.

Clarity has deep pockets: the company is owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz (an original founder of Qwest) and also publishes the San Francisco Examiner and Washington Examiner. Will Cincinnati or some other Ohio city be next?

Guess we'll read all about it in the pages of the Cincinnati Examiner.


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Will We See a Cincinnati Examiner?