Since he was 15, Todd Hudson wanted to make homemade meals in his own restaurant.

His dream came to fruition in 2008 after buying a century-old farmhouse and refurbishing it into the cozy and quaint Wildflower Café. The historic vibe and fresh cuisine quickly drew a dinner crowd to the two-story home turned café.

“A few months after we opened, we had a line out the door,” says Hudson.

Six years later, the Wildflower Café remains the North’s destination for local, grass-fed livestock, farm-fresh produce and Cincinnati craft beer. Hudson’s commitment to natural ingredients puts fresh seafood on Wildflower’s tables within 24 hours of landing on a ship’s deck.

“A lot of places say their fish is fresh, but it’s really not,” says Hudson. “At our restaurant, I can tell you how it was caught, what boat caught it and the name of the captain.”

Wildflower’s menu also mixes traditional American cuisine with Southern staples. The chicken and waffles comes with seared Amish poultry, a homemade waffle, shaved Brussels sprouts, maple glaze syrup and a side of southern-style collard greens. For rib lovers, check out the organic, dry rub ribs that are flavored with 20 different seasonings—including brown sugar—and smoked right behind the Wildflower. It’s a sweet and salty treat perfect for any summer day.

207 E. Main St., Mason, 513-492-7514. Tuesday-Saturday, lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., and dinner from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.