It can be a difficult decision: whether or not to send your child to a private/parochial school. Especially when they reach the high school years. But there are several pros to such a choice. Here are three reasons:
1. More one-on-one
Students attending private/parochial school get more individualized attention. Parochial schools, according to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, maintain a lower student-to-teacher ratio, which is 13:1 in grades K-12. By comparison, ratios at Cincinnati Public Schools range from 18:1 to 25:1.
2. Well tested
Many children in parochial schools do better on standardized testing – and those results pay off. Case in point, according to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, its seniors score in the top 25 percent nationally on the ACT, over 99 percent graduate and 98 percent of students go on to college
3. Uniforms – they can be a good thing
Uniforms can be a very important part of a school's identity. But it goes beyond aesthesis. Rather than trying to impress their friends with designer choices, uniforms allow students to better focus on their education – the reason they're in school in the first place.