Enriching Spaces
1360 Kemper Meadow Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45240

Interior designers: Dawn Schwartzman, Hanh Dao, Laura Nicoli (of Enriching Spaces)

Collaborative Areas

Enriching Spaces’ newly renovated offices include meeting areas that offer a variety of soft and mobile seating, and low and high tables. The outdoors was brought in, allowing employees to enjoy the view of woods and wildlife. Sustainable fabrics, furnishings, carpets and floor coverings were used, as well as products high in recycled content. The end result is a design space that empowers creative thinking and promotes clarity and serenity.

Red Echo Post
05 W. Fourth St., Suite 120
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Architect: Sally Noble

Builder: Hunt Builders

Sound Engineer: Dan Rudin

A Fusion of Purpose and Comfort

Red Echo Post’s audio production suite had to overcome the structural barriers and engineering limits of building such a space in a downtown office building. Floors were floated, insulated double walls were built, ceilings were suspended and HVAC systems were moved and re-routed. Once the design was complete, the room was “tuned” by sound insulation and particular wall and ceiling angles. The end result is a purposeful room in a warm, relaxed environment.

Stock Yards Bank & Trust
101 W. Fourth St.
Cincinnati, OH 45202

General contractor: K4 Construction

Interior designers: Bittners LLC

Architect: William Welch Architects

Refurbished Restoration

Stock Yards Bank & Trust renovated 5,200 square feet of space on the first floor of the site most recently occupied by The Federal Reserve Restaurant and Piano Lounge. The impressive marble flooring and wall accents, walnut banisters and walls in the lobby have all been restored to their original glory. In addition, four large original murals depicting scenes from early Cincinnati were preserved. The 26-foot-high coffered ceiling was refurbished, new lighting was added and the existing chandeliers were restored. The end result is a beautifully revamped, striking area to all who enter.

Total Quality Logistics
4289 Ferguson Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245

Interior designers: Design Details

Functional Space

Total Quality Logistics built a 100,000-square-foot headquarters in Union Township in 2007. Local interior design firm, Design Details, created a space that is not only appealing, but also energetic and professional. The interior finishes are vibrant, saturated earth tones complemented by neutrals. The space plan enhances employee accessibility to natural light and views, and furniture is configured in an open floor plan to encourage communication and interaction. The end result is an employee-focused, efficient space.

Jack Rouse Associates Inc.
600 Vine St., Suite 1700
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Architect/interior designer: Terry-DeRees Associates

Bold Colors

The first thing visitors notice when arriving at Jack Rouse Associates’ new downtown design studios is its open floorplan and colorful aesthetic. Designed to reflect both the company’s overall brand identity and collaborative nature, the dynamic space provides the perfect environment in which JRA’s team can exercise their creative talents. The end result is a boldly energetic, fun workspace.

Atrium Medical Center
One Medical Center Drive
Franklin, Ohio 45005

Architect/interior designer: Earl Swensson Associates Inc.
Public and patient room furniture: OstermanCron
Furnishing installation: Wessels Workplace Services

Soothing Design

Atrium Medical Center (formerly Middletown Regional Hospital) opened in December 2007. Its earthy tones and warm brick façade set the tone for the comforting, family-centered care offered within. Patients and visitors will notice the open-air feel, soothing colors and inviting design. The private, family-friendly patient rooms feature flat-screen televisions, wireless internet access and extra seating — including an innovative sleeper-sofa for family members who can visit 24 hours a day. The end result is a hospital that truly feels like a healthy, caring environment.