Toni Davena and Mary McMahon, the co-owners of What’s for Dinner in O’Bryonville, understand that people crave variety — within their meals, and from one night to the next — but don’t always have the time to prepare dinner with fresh, high-quality ingredients.

Walk inside their eclectic deli, and you’ll see at least 30 different dishes in the display case, which usually turns over at least twice a day. These women pride themselves on the fact that you’ll almost never find the same selection twice. After perusing the goods, I settled on the Parmesan breadsticks, carrot cheddar soup, chicken piccata, roasted beet salad, and iced mint brownie for dessert. Almost everything is priced per pound, and this complete meal for three cost me approximately $28.

Twenty percent of What’s for Dinner customers prefer to dine in, and many take advantage of the option to bring their own alcoholic beverages. Meanwhile, 30 percent of the company’s business comes from catering. But, like the remaining 50 percent, I chose the take-out option.

In no more than 30 minutes the next evening, the soup, chicken and breadsticks were reheated, the table was set, and I had casually sipped a glass of wine before calling my son and husband to the kitchen for dinner.

The soup was velvety, with a brilliant orange color. Who knew carrots and cheddar cheese made such a complementary couple? The breadsticks were generously seasoned, topped with shredded Parmesan and brushed with olive and canola oils. Dipping them in the soup made for a sweet and savory delight.

The chicken piccata sauce was much creamier and less lemony than others I’ve had, but allowed more of the chicken flavor to shine through. However, I counted 12 capers for three chicken breasts, which seemed scant.

Served cold, the roasted beet salad was a colorful combination of red and gold beets, goat cheese and fresh spinach. The beets were soft, yet not mushy, with a taste that married equally well with both the spinach and the goat cheese. The salad was perfectly seasoned with just a touch of cracked pepper.

I was pleasantly surprised when my 3-year-old not only tried everything on his plate, but actually started clapping when I asked him how he liked the food.

The iced mint brownie contained an airy bright pink mint crème, sandwiched between a dense brownie and chocolate fudge icing.

The majority of the items served at What’s for Dinner are prepared in the deli’s Norwood commissary, under the tutelage of Italian-born Anna-Maria Rocchio.

Some of the best sellers are the chicken enchiladas, macaroni and cheese, chicken porcini penne and veggie slaw.

What’s for Dinner serves a tremendous amount of eggplant, and it even appears in its logo. Davena and McMahon are enjoying their busiest year ever. They offer more than 200 menu items, the food is never processed and just about everything is made from scratch.