I was told once that Miami University did not lay down sidewalks on its campus until years after the construction of its first buildings was complete. The reason why? The Dean thought that rather than waste money on building sidewalks that students wouldn’t use, he’d wait until their chosen paths were worn into the grounds and then lay the bricks upon their preferred routes. Well, this story may or may not be true, but folklore can be a great teacher nonetheless.

At our ATHENA Awards luncheon a couple of months ago, celebrating the success of women business professionals in the Tristate, one of our speakers — a good friend and successful local businesswoman — spoke about our event and also of “Cincy Magazine’s efforts.”  Soon after she realized her error. She came over to me and was apologetic about using our name — Cincy Business Magazine— in the wrong context.

I told her that her comments were nothing new, and that we had been hearing people refer to Cincy Magazine over the last couple years. In fact, I have heard it so much I truly didn’t even notice. Talking about this conversation the next day in our staff meeting only confirmed what many had been hearing, too — that there must be something in “Cincy” that sticks in people's minds about what we have.

When we first started as a magazine some five years ago, we were a quarterly business publication. The idea developed because we didn’t see anything like it being offered to business professionals in the Tristate: a glossy, four-color format with less news, but more engaging stories about those creating the headlines. Our readers were giving us some great feedback and ideas. We starting seeing a trend, that capturing the passions and pursuits of those we were writing about seemed just as important as the sheer business angle — and let’s be honest, just more fun! A business professional’s interests are vast, including family, furthering their career and business, local community and economic development, politics, even hobbies, homes, dining, travel, health and much more. We saw that we’d become less a business magazine and more a magazine for business professionals.

Catching up to today, one thing has been constant: Our region we call Cincy, an area of three states along the Ohio River, with many vibrant communities reaching up both the 75 and 71 interstates, has many strong leaders, a great standard of living and such a collection of inspiring people to write about. A thank you is deserved to you, our growing readership. You have driven us to become the largest subscriber-based local business publication, and have allowed us to double our staff and issues published to 10 times a year in 2008.

Cincy Business Magazine is now Cincy — The Magazine for Business Professionals. We are excited for you to see what we have, and to hear what you think. (Please email me directly at eharmon@cincymagazine.com with your thoughts and comments.) You have blazed the trail; it’s time we gave you something that spoke to all your interests as a business professional, and for us to try to keep up!