Michael Persicano's life has fallen lately into something of a grind. And that's a good thing.

Persicano, who began roasting his own coffee beans in his Anderson Township basement seven years ago, is evolving a tasty avocation into a thriving vocation.

After purchasing a former meatpacking plant in Newtown last year, Persicano retooled the place into a highly charged coffee factory that produces dozens of hand-crafted blends, from HenkeJava and Ethiopian Harrar Horse to Honduras Marcala Organic and Bolivian Organic/Fair Trade.

"I grew up around coffee," recalls Persicano of how his interests began. "My father worked for Coca-Cola, and I remember going with my dad to the factory, [and] those wonderful smells." (At the time, Coke's food division produced such blends as Maryland Club Coffee and Butternut Coffee.)

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