You don’t always need theme parks, staged theatrics or other faked phantoms. Not when the Tristate abounds with truly phantasmic spirits and ghostly apparitions.
Yeah, we’ve got ghosts. Isn’t this the city where Rod Serling launched his Twilight Zone career?
Here are the favorite picks of Dr. Don Walker of the Cincinnati Historical Society, local psychics Jill Bruener and Vicki Veil, and others:

Reuben Resor House, 3517 Cornell Pl., Clifton. This former finishing school for young ladies closed after one of the girls died during the 1919 flu epidemic. Her restless spirit still apparently haunts the halls. The current residents confirm a poltergeist has attracted the attention of University of Maryland academics that specialize in the paranormal. The mischievous spirit enjoys moving around dishware and other household items.

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