It's hard to believe that the Mt. Adams Bar & Grill has more than 50 items on its menu considering the kitchen is crowded when there are three people in it.

But some of the best food on the Hill is served in the brick building housing that tiny kitchen at the corner of Hatch and Louden streets.

The folks in the kitchen have changed over the years, but the trio that runs the place hasn't. Pat and Eddie Sheppard and Walter Brown have been on site since Eddie, who also owns the Blind Lemon next door, bought the joint more than 25 years ago.

"We add things to the menu, but what we do is serve good food at reasonable prices," Eddie says. "The dishes are Pat's recipes, the soups are homemade every day and everything is fresh."

Pat wouldn't have it any other way in the restaurant where Eddie says she spends 363 days a year. There is a regular lunch crowd of workers and residents, a pre-show tradition of theatergoers en route to Playhouse in the Park, and new customers visiting on the recommendation of friends.

Diners will find entrees such as Chilean salmon and yellowfin tuna steak; sandwiches and burgers that include vegetarian options; and those homemade soups and salads.

The menu is time tested. "When we try to replace something, people complain so we leave it on," Pat says.

And just add more good items at a reasonable price.