Kelley Styring and her husband, Steve, had everything they had wanted in life as they neared age 40. “We had rockin’ jobs, beautiful kids, health care, no problem putting gas in the car,” she says. “But we were desperately unhappy with what we called ‘time poverty.’ We never really had time to enjoy things.”

The Styrings had moved from Cincinnati, where Kelley had worked at P&G, to Dallas. After five years of working in market research there, Kelley was stressed. She decided to make a real change and approached the task the way she knew best: through research. She and her family decided what they would prioritize if they could design their lives from scratch.

While they lived in Cincinnati, the couple had developed a passion for wine: “It really took hold ... when we were living in Hyde Park. There’s just a warmth to the community, and much of that was tied to the enjoyment of wine,” she says.

The Styrings put one year of reserves in the bank, traded Kelley’s Lexus for a tractor, and moved to Oregon to begin a wine-making apprenticeship. They established Styring Vineyards in 2003 and sell 500 cases of their hand-crafted wine a year.

Cincinnati is one of the select locations where the Styrings make their wine available so they can share it with friends.

Styring Vineyards wine is available at Jungle Jim’s, The Wine Merchant, Hyde Park Gourmet Food and Wine, and Piazza Discepoli, among others, and at restaurants such as Mesh, Boca, Pigall’s, Red and the Dilly Deli.