While you can still send your children to camps that explore the outdoors, there are now more options for parents looking to diversify their kids’ summer. Below are four innovative things kids can do at local summer camps:

1. Get a head start on their careers
Summer camps offer children unique activities to learn about various fields of study before they’re even thinking about college. Cincinnati Museum Center summer camps allow children in grades K-8 to have opportunities to take part in mock crime investigations, to become mini archeologists, to create LEGO films, to learn to be a veterinarian and more.

2. Explore STEM disciplines
With iSpace programs, children in grades K-12 train to be astronauts, architects and engineers. Campers can use LEGOS to build robots, create 3-D Mars rovers prototypes, design their own video games, explore space, build and test roller coasters, and participate in other interactive activities. Camps are held on Scarlet Oaks’ campus.

3. Get up close with wildlife
Though they may have been to the zoo before, Cincinnati Zoo summer camps allow children to learn about and interact with wildlife in a way they never have. Children from PreK-8 can enjoy behind-the-scenes experiences with animals; touch and feed furry, scaly and spiky friends; learn about wildlife conservation with experiments and group projects; and more.

4. Meet Other Children Who Live Similar Lives
Camp Joy provides programs for underserved youth and families, including children with disabilities, low-income families and grieving children and families. Children who may not have been able to participate in camps before can come build their social skills and increase self-confidence through hands-on outdoor activities. Camp Joy is home to Ohio’s only summer camp for children impacted by HIV/AIDS.