Walking into Teller’s of Hyde Park felt a little like walking into Gringott’s Wizarding Bank (where Harry Potter does business). Not just because this lovely building was once Hyde Park Savings Bank, since converted to a restaurant in the mid-90s, but because the hostess led us on an adventure to our table, and the sights we saw were spellbinding.

The first was a row of bank teller “windows,” below which were bar-top tables, perfect for enjoying a drink with friends. At the far end of the room, a soft glow came from the door of the old bank’s vault. But instead of piles of gold coins, we found cozy seating surrounded by curtains, allowing a private feel perfect for an intimate meal. There was even a cashier’s window, complete with iron bars. We climbed the winding staircase to our table for two, which overlooked the heart of Hyde Park Square.

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