Lori Wellinghoff never goes far without her BlackBerry.

Wellinghoff, who is a senior vice president at Clear Channel — the radio and entertainment conglomerate — says her favorite gadget is this palm-sized device that provides instant access for sending and receiving email.

"I could be sitting waiting for my plane from New York City back to Cincinnati, and I can get my mail. I receive an email a minute, as many as 200, 250 a day," Wellinghoff observes.

"Every new device accustoms us to speedier and speedier gratification. It almost is the expectation in my company that I immediately respond with an immediate reaction."

Some of those emails, no doubt, also come courtesy of Wellinghoff's other incarnation. The executive is well known in Cincinnati arts circles as the volunteer creator of 20 Days and 20 Nights — or 20/20 — a nonstop, three-week arts festival that Wellinghoff conceived of and organizes each September through the nonprofit organization Enjoy the Arts. Wellinghoff describes the cutting-edge 20/20 as "a Spoleto on steroids," referring to the yearly arts festival in Charleston, S.C.

All enough to keep a BlackBerry busy.

"I just came back from a wonderful place called Blackberry Farm. I emailed a friend, and she said, 'Is that where you grow those things you always have in your hand?' "

Learn more about the wireless handheld computers at www.blackberry.net.