You might have seen this slogan on a recycling bin in your office or home. I saw it recently while vacationing in Chicago, on a flyer in my haughty hotel room explaining the towel replacement policy.

Isn't it sometimes difficult to think outside of our current environment and daily roles, or even realize the positives we take for granted? This trip gave me the means to relax, break out of my little box, to reflect a little on our successes in 2005 and reaffirm what a thriving community and way of life we have here in the Tristate.

Who will soon forget the Bengals' winning season or the successful Procter & Gamble purchase of Gillette? And I bet you have some of your own wins that should be tallied.

Cincy Business has now entered its third year of publication and even I, too, need to remind myself that 2005 can surely be marked as a year of growth. We were honored in the "Best Business Publication in Ohi' category by the Press Club of Cleveland in its prestigious 2005 Awards of Excellence competition. Along the way we have increased our staff by three-fold and moved from a quarterly publication to six times a year. We have seen the return of successful features such as the Cincy Leading Lawyer Awards, annually showcasing the best of the profession throughout the Tristate.

We have also felt it suitable to cover items of interest that not only encompass Tristate business, but our daily lives and the community as a whole. Consider the closing of the Maisonette, which we explored in our last edition, and this current issue's spotlight on the publisher of the area's largest newspaper. Although The Enquirer might be considered one of our competitors, it casts a dynamic influence on the community. Mind you, this will be the first cover feature we have written on an individual without his or her consent"”which only fueled our interest, because so little is known about this locally grown CEO, Margaret Buchanan.

With the coming of the new year, we are excited to launch innovative features that you tell us are needed, such as the "Executive Living" section within this issue. We often see that the passion demonstrated by our showcased professionals doesn't stop at work. What better way to cover these stories than in a four-color, glossy format that only a magazine can do? Also included in this edition is a special piece on condo living. There's tremendous change in housing trends locally and you, our audience, is at the center of it, driving its growth.

So now, in 2006, with another year in front of us, what can we do better? I propose changing our slogan, rather, to Think Positively Locally. We work too hard to deal with dirty laundry.