Name: Neil Tilow

Age: 53

Home: Hyde Park

Family: Wife (Sally, Outreach Coordinator for The Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati), and four sons, three in college.

Hometown: Lakewood, Ohio

Fun and relaxation: Xavier U. basketball (a "huge" fan) and Bengals games, family vacations, reading (political mysteries and business magazines) and movies.

Big influence: his father, now 84, a representative for a machine tool manufacturer who was still selling well into his 70s. "He told me, 'Have a great product and everything will take care of itself'...and also, 'All I have is my reputation.' I got so sick of hearing that growing up, but it's true."

Quote: "God bless my wife. Her father was a golfer and basketball player at Notre Dame, and he made her love sports. She's always the first one there for the kids."