When someone wins the lottery, we often think they will never have to work again. But how much money do you really need to have saved in order to do so? It turns out it might last you a bit longer in Cincinnati than it would other cities. A study by financial technology company SmartAsset looked at multiple factors of retirement including housing, food, health care, utilities and transportation expenses. The study concluded that someone can last 31.96 years in retirement in the city of Cincinnati with $1 million.

“In our study, we looked at the largest U.S. cities, which came out to be 261 in total. Here at SmartAsset, we like to put out studies like this to get people thinking and talking about financial decisions,” says Stephanie Ciosek, a PR associate at SmartAsset.

SmartAsset is a financial technology company aiming to provide the best personal finance advice on the web. It offers free and personalized tools to empower you to make smart personal finance decisions when it comes to buying a home, retirement, taxes and more.

Out of the eight cities that SmartAsset looked at in Ohio, Cincinnati, came in third. Ashland, Ohio, came out significantly on top with 36.63 years, and Columbus, Ohio, ranked second with 32.66 years in retirement. Ashland is also ranked eighth nationally. Overall, Cincinnati ranked No. 95 out of 261 cities in the study. McAllen, Texas, took the top spot nationally, allowing $1 million to last 42.29 years in retirement. Harlingen, Texas, took the second spot nationally, allowing 39.46 years in retirement with $1 million.

SmartAsset often repeats studies numerous years in a row in order to follow the changes in the original study. “Many of our studies have recently hit their third or fourth edition, so it would be interesting to see the rankings next year,” Ciosek says. We’ll see if Cincinnati can keep moving up on the retirement food chain. 

For more information check out this link to SmartAsset’s original study https://smartasset.com/financial-advisor/cincinnati-oh-top-financial-advisors#ohio