Who has the power? Who wields the clout? Who, if they called you for a favor and left a message, would you immediately call back?

In this"”our second annual survey of which executives, media pundits, sports figures, politicians and non-profit leaders actually boast true influence"”the editors of Cincy Business rank the Tristate's Top 100.

You can choose to agree. Or disagree. But don't choose to miss the following pages, beginning with the No. 1 power-broker, who would be ...

1. Charlotte Otto

Global External Relations Officer, Procter & Gamble

Arguably the most powerful woman at the consumer products giant, Otto could be in line to become the next CEO of a company that largely caters to female consumers. Otto is the one, if anyone can, to shatter the glass ceiling at this traditional male power structure. She's the new chair of the board of the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, and has leadership roles with Downtown Cincinnati Inc., the Greater Cincinnati Development Authority and the 3CDC urban redevelopment group, making her the ultimate mover and shaker in the local community.

2. Robert Castellini

Chairman, Castellini Co.

Robert Castellini is making headlines as the new majority owner of the Cincinnati Reds. The combative CEO made news right out of the starting gate, canning the Reds GM only a few days after buying the team. He wants to put his personal stamp on the team, and will surely do so. What's more, he passionately loves the game of baseball and even more passionately wants to win"”an attitude the Cincinnati team sorely needs. Castellini has been president of the Cincinnati Zoo...

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