The purple suits are laid out and ready for their travels. The second season for the Purple People Bridge Climb is about to begin.

The crew working the bridge attraction this year is optimistic about what kind of business they'll do. While the attraction drew internatonal attention last year, the first season hit some attendance snags, with squelching heat and what many complained were high prices. Those prices have dropped, but as for weather, all the crew members can do is cross their fingers and hope for a more temperate season.
Temperatures have been less than cooperative even when Dennis Speigel, the force behind the Purple People Bridge Climb, wanted the climate cool for climbers looking to chill in December.

"At last year's Polar Bear walk, the temperature was in the 50s. Everyone was asking for sunscreen since they were all wearing bathing suits," says Speigel, president of International Theme Park Service and managing member of the Purple People Bridge Climb.

Last summer, it looked liked this unique tourist draw might crash and burn before the official kickoff. The starting ticket price was $59, and many people didn't know what to expect. Many people thought they might be rock climbing, or doing something dangerous, Speigel says. Now that more people are aware of what the bridge climb is all about and have spread the word, he's looking forward to a busy season.
"Ninety-seven percent of the climbers last year rated the experience as good or excellent. Once they climbed, they understood," Speigel notes.

This good experience included the free perks: The beautiful Cincinnati skyline, the rushing Ohio River and the rolling hills of Kentucky are all sights to behold from the top of the bridge. Although customers are not allowed to carry anything with them, for safety reasons, a complimentary photo is shot for everyone to take home.

"This is the most unique experience around. You just can't find something like this to do just anywhere," observes Speigel.