First off, we must play on the name. Raymond Buse III, known as Buz, is making a national name for himself in the course of shaping the global image of Cincinnati, which is his raison d'être as manager of public relations for the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber.
Yes, there's some major buzz about Buz these days.

Among 11 national awards he's won in just six months, Buse was one of six finalists in PR News' Media Relations Professional of the Year Award for 2005. At the awards luncheon in New York City, Mike Soltys of ESPN nabbed the top prize. He brought a muscle team of supporters. "They really made a big deal about it," Buz recalls.

The pinnacle event was PRWeek's March black-tie gala at Tavern on the Green in NYC, with more than 1,000 guests. Buse took one of two honorable mention awards for PR Professional of the Year. First place went to the American Red Cross. He describes the PR hoopla as "a surreal experience."

Buse has a reputation for fun angles to attract positive media attention, such as the World's Largest Chicken Dance at Oktoberfest Zinzinnati. His recent peer recognition was boosted by an act of nature: the spring 2004 emergence of the 17-year cicadas. Buse worked up a publicity campaign with the Chamber's network of young professionals, and cicada expert Gene Kritsky at the College of Mount Saint Joseph. put out a CD of local bands performing original songs, titled Seventeen Year Itch, and more than half of the original 4,000 disks sold within a week.

So, those cicadas, known (or loathed) for persistent choruses of buzzing in their mating ritual, aroused worldwide buzz for a guy called Buz­"”and the city he loves.