Although some nominees walked away without a little golden statue on Oscar night, they will be on their way to getting their lives back on track thanks to Miami University graduate Jody England and her business partner Kim Yardlay, founders of the Troy-based business BuzZen.
BuzZen, a life coaching system for women, focuses on transforming lives and making dreams reality. It offers a “conscious gift line,” which features clothes, jewelry, books and other items that, as the web site describes, “raise awareness and support a more intentional life.”

Upon hearing about BuzZen from a colleague, Lash Fary, founder and president of Los Angeles-based Distinctive Assets, researched the product and was instantly enamored.

“I just loved the whole concept of the product,” Fary said. “Many of the stars tend to be spiritual and consciously aware, so I knew it was a perfect fit for our bags.”

The products went into the hands of the stars via the nominee gift bags. BuzZen products including a coaching DVD, England’s book Attraction Action, “Buzz builder” CDs and decks of “Sweeten your Life” cards were included.

“We’re very excited,” England says. “I think it lends some credibility to what we are doing because there is that mentality that if the stars like it, then it must be good.”