Fans of public radio’s “The 90-Second Naturalist” are among the many cheering the appointment of Thane Maynard as the executive director of the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.
Maynard, who has been the writer and voice of the “Naturalist” for more than 15 years, was serving as the zoo’s interim co-director after Gregg Hudson left to manage the Dallas Zoo. Maynard is being counted on to responsibly manage a zoo that is recognized as one of the best in the nation — and extend the zoo’s conservation and research of endangered wildlife, according to Otto Budig, chair of the zoo board.
Talk about credentials. From his boyhood days exploring swamps to his work with the World Wildlife Fund and other conservation groups, Maynard is a walking, talking repository of zoology. Now he’s an executive, and they have to get used to being put on the spot. So, Cincy Business asked him to name his 10 favorite animals.

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