Cooks’Wares may be a cook’s paradise. Filled with cookware, cutlery, and gadgets from brands like All-Clad, Cuisinart and Shun Cutlery, Cooks’Wares offers the best kitchen tool for whatever recipe you wish to attempt.

“When somebody comes in looking for a pan, we try and find out what is it that they are going to do in the pan, not just, ‘You want a 12-inch fry pan, here you go.’ We try to find out what they’re doing because sometimes they come in looking for a pan and it’s like, ‘That’s not really the one that would be best for that,’ ” says Steve Fricke, the store’s buyer and son of the store’s owner.

It was Steve’s father, Paul, who brought his cooking knowledge and expertise to the community in 1992 after a career in retail. He passed away in 2010, but his wife, Mary, still runs the store with Steve.

Paul’s goal to help customers find the best item for their needs continues to guide the store today. “We have one the largest [cutlery] selections in the area,” says Steve. “We take them out of the case and say, ‘Hold this one and this one, which one feels right in your hand?’ We try to help people select which is the right one for them, not the one that I want to sell.”

Aside from giving advice on kitchen tools, Cook’Wares also teaches cooking classes. They teach technique and food-themed classes and bring in local chefs, like David Cook from Daveed’s Next, cookbook authors and even radio hosts like Marilyn Harris to teach their own recipes.

What Steve believes one reason people come back is the staff. One staff member has been there for 21 years and others for more than 10. Everyone they hire is selected because of their passion for the kitchen.

“We’re looking for foodies and that makes a huge difference,” says Steve.

11344 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati. 513-489-6400,