I spent my most of my youth in Houston, Texas, home to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. I remember it fondly. It was the 1980s and the heyday for the space industry.

Once I climbed inside a flight simulator at the museum, I was John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, insert your favorite Ohio astronaut here. The movie "The Right Stuff" fed my imagination. We all can remember that time in our lives when hope and dreams are not just mere terms, but as real as anything else.

Fast forward to today, and I am encouraged that my son loves to get in his "flight suit," which is your standard child's light blue sleeper. Perhaps my youthful aspirations fuel his. I am fairly certain he knows that the zipper would work even if he didn't sing the first verse of "Wild Blue Yonder."

I must have outer space on the brain. The other night in a discussion with an elected official from Butler County, I compared it to the streetcar issue. Downtowners who support it see it taking us to the next frontier. Those who don't support it see it as a waste of money that could be spent elsewhere. It's the same argument leveled in the debate on money for the space program.

I am excited to present you this April issue of Cincy and am proud of our staff and their efforts to put it together. There are a lot of stories of people and companies who act on their personal vision or mission and have made our community better as a result. Our "Most Interesting People," nominated by you, our readers, all have fascinating stories. Our Tristate Success Awards, highlighted by our luncheon on April 24, are jammed with more winners than ever before. These companies not only have increased in revenue year over year, but have increased numbers of jobs. These are companies to admire because of the bottom line, but just as important these are organizations that thrive because they like to work with people "” and we all can like that. Andrea Tortora's story on the casino gives us not only a glimpse of what will be, but also the people embedded in this effort, and their goal to improve the downtown core with the casino proving to be just one of multiple means.

With my experiences with NASA, you can figure out where I ended up in the streetcar discussion. I find myself wanting to support not so much the system itself but the dreamers like the many you see here in this issue who are shooting for the stars. â–