After working at Children's Hospital Medical Center and fulfilling numerous community service roles, Carol Gibbs founded Accountability and Credibility Together. ACT, a non-profit corporation designed to help people get off welfare and remain self-sufficient, has received state and national recognition for its success.

What advice do you have for non-profits?
Most people expect non-profits to run like a business, and you do have to do that. You have nothing really to sell the public who would be your donors, so it's like you're just another social service agency. So you need to be unique, you need to provide something to the community. What I feel we offer is a chance for families to become participating members of the community.

In the early days of ACT, what lessons did you learn?
I can set my goals to make you a success, but then again I really don't know what makes you feel successful. You have to lead, but make your clients realize what will make them feel stable and feel successful for themselves, because if they don't feel that way they aren't going to move ahead.

What is your biggest challenge in the office?
I guess feeling like I'm the rock that keeps people going. (But) I separate myself from that. That is a skill I think I learned at the hospital. To stand in a room with a child who is dying, with parents, and keep things together and hold their hand and watch this baby go and not get hysterical until I get to my office and close the door. I think I learned how to keep yourself where you need to be and hold for yourself your own emotions until you can share them with who you want or have them internally or whatever.

How do you get through the rough spots?
Margaritas! No, I don't know. I'm being pulled in all directions and I'm actually a better multi-tasker than doing one thing at one time. When I have 10 things I have to do immediately I'll go play solitaire on my computer and that just wipes it out, and I can decide which thing I need to go to. Thank God for solitaire.

What lesson would you like to share?
I think everybody needs to take responsibility for themselves, but I think we all have the responsibility to help each other. Everybody has the right and responsibility to raise their children, but we have the right and responsibility for the next generation.