Mineral Makeup
Mi Salon and Day Spa in Florence is one of many local salons to see an increased interest in mineral-based makeup, which “contains no talc and is very healthy,” says General Manager Melissa Graus. “It’s packed with vitamins and minerals that your skin can absorb.”
Bella Hair Styles
in Mount Washington carries a dermatologist-approved line of mineral makeup. “Not that we advertise you should sleep in your makeup, but it’s actually good for your skin, so you can,” says Manager Sue Day. “I put mine on at 7 a.m. and when I go to bed you would think I just did my face an hour ago.” Day suggests checking the makeup’s ingredients to make sure “natural” and “mineral” labels on packaging are legitimate. “You want to make sure it’s dermatology grade,” she adds. “You don’t want dyes and fragrances on your face.”

Safe Summer Glow
Avoiding harmful radiation is a priority for health conscious tan-seekers today. One popular option, particularly for spring, is to make getting a safe tan a more relaxing experience by having it professionally applied. “Some places do the spray tanning and things like that, but this is an actual body treatment where first we exfoliate your body for you,” says Kelly Heid, marketing director for Paragon Salon and Day Spa, which has locations downtown, on Harrison Avenue and off Fields Ertel Road. “A spray tan will stick to the rough spots of your skin and that’s not pretty.” Paragon’s “Buff and Tan” package costs $65 to $70. After exfoliation with a salt-based scrub, technicians apply one of three different tan levels. Heid says the treatment is a popular option to prepare for weddings and proms. The color lasts about a week and fades like a regular tan, lasting longer if you moisturize every day and avoid exfoliation. You can also buy professional spray from the salon to maintain your tan at home.

Just for Kids and Teens
“My 13-year-old daughter helped me to recognize that girls this age look forward to going to the spa,” says Kim Schaefer, COO of Great Wolf Resorts Inc., which has a location in Mason. “Now our resorts allow them to have a spa experience all their own.” Scooops Kid Spa is an ice cream-themed spa designed for kids under 12, part of an ongoing trend of services just for kids and teens at salons and spas.
Manicures, $35, are the most popular Scooops Kid Spa treatment, says Angie Hale, spa director at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason. Kids enjoy choosing nail art or sparkles. Scooops Spa also offers facials, which are self-taught and include a mini-makeup session with lip gloss and a brush of blush for $30, and 30-minute massages for $55 with vanilla, chocolate or strawberry ME! ice cream-themed bath products, which are gentle on children’s skin. Since the spa is set up to accommodate several friends at a time, kids can experience a customized spa experience for their birthdays or a special social occasion. Each trip to the spa is finished off with a scoop of real ice cream from the lodge’s café.

Pampering Moms-to-Be
The stress of expecting a baby makes pregnant women very deserving of a massage or beauty treatment. Spas that cater specifically to them, ensuring the safety of both mom and baby through all stages of pregnancy, are becoming popular. Employees at Becoming Mom Spa in Mason are trained to “safely and effectively take care of a woman’s needs,” says owner Dawn Bierschwal.
Prenatal massages can help alleviate many pregnancy aches and pains, Bierschwal says. Becoming Mom Spa offers the 50-minute “Perfect Pregnancy Massage,” $79, administered by an Ohio medical board licensed and prenatal-certified massage therapist. Another popular service is the “Signature Hot Stone Pedicure,” $60, which includes a foot soak, exfoliation, arnica gel to reduce swelling and a hot stone foot and leg massage. A pregnancy-safe nail polish finishes off the hour of pampering. The spa also offers ultrasound imaging. You can even see a sonogram on a 42-inch plasma screen during your session!
— Stephanie Metz

Soft and Moveable Hair
Save yourself some time in the morning with a trendy, soft, low-maintenance look. “We are seeing lots of texture, lots of movement and more natural looking hair,” says Kelly Oliver of Friends & Company Salon. “Big loose waves are popular right now. People were straightening their hair for a long time and now you’re starting to see a little more movement.” Sue Day, manager of Bella Hair Styles in Mount Washington, echoed those sentiments: People are moving away from spiky or chunky looks and toward smoother, moveable looks. “The new trend is actually that anything goes as long as it’s soft,” she says. “We’re finding that the women today are on the go. They don’t want to be tied down to a hair dryer or a curling iron.” Mark Neff of Christopher Marcus Salon in Hyde Park agrees. “The bob is always popular. We’re going to see a lot of movement — nothing too set. Nothing flat-ironed or super-straight.”

Color Panels

Color is as popular as ever, says Sue Day of Bella Hair Styles in Mount Washington, but the “all-over highlighted look” is on its way out. Multi-toned highlights underneath the top layer of hair, which she calls “interior color,” are in. This technique creates a textured look and eliminates the stark line that is created as highlights grow out. “The hair never lays in the same place, so the color is always moving within the hair,” she explains.
Clients of Friends & Company Salon in Montgomery are increasingly opting for a more natural look, says owner Kelly Oliver. They choose several shades of highlights similar to their natural hair color, carefully matched with their skin tone. Friends & Company clients may also opt for extensions, which “can add length, fullness or a splash of color,” she says.
The bright color panels that are hot on the runway now may take a little longer to catch on here, says Mark Neff of
Christopher Marcus Salon in Hyde Park, because of what he calls Cincinnati’s “conservative energy.” “You have to have a certain situation in your life when you can pull that off,” he says, and that might not be while you’re working at P&G. However, Ness says that some clients do take advantage of his edgy expert colorist and walk out with bright pink and purple color panels.

Ancient Medicine and Holistic Health
According to the International Spa Association, encouraging healthy lifestyles through nutrition and exercise is one of the biggest spa trends for 2008. SIA Spa in Kenwood is associated with the Cincinnati Yoga School so guests can take advantage of meditation, yoga, pilates and salsa classes during their visits. The fitness classes are an extension of Ayurveda, an ancient medical practice that incorporates massage, meditation, yoga, herbs and oils to achieve a balance of physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. SIA Spa’s Ayurvedic therapists have even received training at the premier Ayurvedic Residential Spa in India. You can receive an Ayurvedic massage based on your individual dosha, or the natural tendencies and energies of your body, which is determined by a questionnaire you fill out when you visit SIA. A massage oil is selected specifically for your dosha to bring your body back into balance. The practice of Ayurveda believes “a body in balance is less likely to fall into disease,” says Nyria Acosta-Pearl, general manager of SIA Spa.
— Stephanie Metz
Just for Men
Spa: Roosters Male Grooming Center, which has a location in West Chester, is just one business that has capitalized on the interest in spa and salon services specifically for men. Roosters recreates the atmosphere of a classic barbershop with plush leather barber’s chairs and the ubiquitous red, white and blue pole. It offers a range of traditional spa services, including color, manicures and pedicures, in a masculine environment. One of Roosters’ signature treatments is “an old-fashioned barbershop shave with mug and brush,” says local manager Scott Peavley.
A cut and shave: “Clean-shaven is still in. For young men, a clean face is still popular,” says Sue Day of Bella Hair Styles. “But sideburns are fun, and men are finding that in a three piece suit and tie they can wear a little bit messier hair.” Tousled hair takes away from a look that is too coifed adds a bit of a mystique to a man’s look, Day says. Fade haircuts, in which hair is short at the bottom and gets longer toward the top, are still popular, says Peavley. However, the current trend is to wear hair a bit longer.
Color: “Men are coloring more, and that’s exciting. Sometimes it’s just to cover the gray and other times they’re finding ‘You know what? It’s OK to add some gold or red or chocolate to my hair,’” says Day. Mark Neff, owner and stylist of Christopher Marcus Salon in Hyde Park, says a popular product for men is Redken’s Color Camo. Scented with the masculine Aqua Di Gio by Armani, the product is professionally applied to gradually disguise the gray “without looking like shoe polish,” Neff says. “It’s good for them because it doesn’t look like traditional haircolor.” Older men continue to take better care of themselves and can pull off full-color longer. It’s been said that men look distinguished with the salt-and-pepper look, Neff says, but men often feel the same way women do when they first see gray in their hair.

Advanced Chemical Treatments
You don’t have to go under the knife to get the cosmetic result of plastic surgery, says Melissa Graus, general manager of Mi Salon and Spa in Florence. Mi Salon’s popular “enzyme facials,” featuring glycolic, salicylic, lactic, TCA, and what’s called a modified jessner, are minimally invasive and don’t require staying home for two or three weeks while your face heals. These chemical exfoliations provide a variety of benefits customized to your skin type. Some refine oily skin, while others eliminate age spots and reduce the fine lines and overall dull appearance, but all are gaining popularity locally.